Which is the cheapest country to study has been a question most students have asked. This article is here to give you list of a few countries that provide cheap opportunities to study for students. 

Cheapest Countries To Study 


Taiwan is a country that is highly ranked in health care, human care development as well as other things. Taiwan provides quality education for students who are interested in studying in Taiwan, they also have a variety of institutions that offers quality education at affordable prices. The country provides cheap quality education for students with the intention of attracting more people to the country and they also give scholarships to students. Which is the cheapest country to study? Now you know.

Their universities grant bachelors, masters as well as doctorate degrees. The bachelors degrees only last for four years, their doctorate degree for three years but it can take longer and masters degree between two and four years. 

  You don’t necessarily have to speak Mandarin which is a language spoken my most people in Taiwan because there are many options that are available in English it depends on the program one is offering. To study in Taiwan is very cheap as the tuition fee go for $1,000 to $5,000 yearly, sometimes they go below $3,000. To be admitted, an entrance test is usually written, sometimes interviews and submission of other documents are required and this also depends on the university.

 In addition to the affordable rates of studyingaffordable rates of studying in Taiwan, the cost of living in Taiwan is very cheap, transportation and cost of living too. 


German universities offer quality education and offers both bachelors and masters degree programs. In Germany most public universities offer free tuition fees for bachelors and masters degree programs. The free tuition fee can be withdrawn if the student does not finish the program in time.

 In German private universities, their tuition fee costs may reach 26,000 EUR/ year for bachelors degree and 40,000 EUR/year for masters program. The cost of living in Germany is also very affordable. The cost of living in Germany on an average scale may range between 700-1,000 EUR/ month and it includes accommodation. Transportation costs is also relatively cheap. Germany is another answer for, which is the cheapest country to study?


 If you  are searching for a country to receive quality education for a cheaper rate India should be one of the countries to have in mind. The cost of living as well as the cost of utility in India is between $250-$400 per semester. The cost of living is also very low. The tuition fees required for studying in India is not higher than $7,880 yearly. 


 Tuition fee at universities in Norway is relatively cheap and they also offer a chance to get quality education for students who wants to study in Norway. Most universities in Norway do not charge tuition fee, this also applies to students who wants to under go Masters and PhD degree but the students may have to pay a students union fee which is between 30-60 EUR/semester. Tuition fees for studying in private schools may vary from 7,000-9,000 EUR per year for bachelors degree programmes. Transportation costs and cost of living is also cheap in Norway 


With the French government offering subsidy for higher education tuition rates in universities in France are relatively cheap for a very high quality education. The French government pays most of the costs to get a degree in France like €170 per year for bachelors degree, €243 per year for masters degree. 


If you are on a budget then the answer to your question which is the cheapest country to study abroad is answered as most countries abroad gives cheap tuition fee for students as well as a very cheap cost of living. To get more information about the cheapest country to study.To get more information about the cheapest country to study

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