NYU net price calculator is designed to help people determine options for financial aid and students who may qualify the for New York University. The calculator serves as a planning tool and estimates based on whatever information people provide.

How The Calculator Works

NYU net price calculator works by asking things about one’s educational plans and their income. It compares this information to students who have similar characteristics and wishes to attend NYU in the most recent academic year. The general estimate of your financial package will then be given to you. 

New York Financial Aid Office 

New York university provides financial assistance every year for all students and all students are free to apply. NYU requires the CSS profile application, Free Application For Freshmen Student Aid(FAFSA) which is available for freshmen and continuing students in order for them to be considered for financial aid and for residents of New York State, the New your state tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application is required. 

  NYU sends a notification that describes the total financial aid package and gives details of the types and amount of student aid offered to the students for the school year once the student is eligible. 

Financial Aid At NYU Professional Schools 

1. College of dentistry. 

2. Graduate stern scholarships of business. 

3. School of law. 

4. School of Medicine 

For more information visit :https://www.nyu.edu/admissions/financial-aid-and-scholarships.html

Eligibility For Financial Aid 

The FAFSA determines one’s eligibility for federal financial aid while the CSS profile determines if one will receive any NYU grant or scholarships. If the student completes the financial aid applications on time, a financial award letter will be given to the students if the student is accepted, the financial award letter will tell the students what aid their eligible to receive and the requirements for the aid. 

What To Keep In Mind When Using The Calculator 

1. The results of the calculator does not give actual offers of the aid. 

2. The results of the calculator may be substantially different from the official financial aid offer from NYU. 

3.  Freshmen who wants to apply for financial aid must make sure they correctly follow the financial aid application process and meet published deadlines to be considered for financial aid at NYU. 

4. The university may not be liable for any damages or errors. 

5. The costs and financial aid estimates may change. 

6. Awards estimated by the calculator are based upon the assumption that the applicants complete the FAFSA and CSS profile accurately and every other data provided should be true at the time of estimate. 

What GPA Do You Need For NYU

Meeting NYU GPA requirements, their SAT/Act requirements is very important to get past their first stage of assessment. The average GPA at NYU  is at 3.69 is at a GPA of 3.69. If your GPA is at 3.69 or below, the student needs to have a very high SAT or ACT score to compensate for it. This will give the student a higher advantage. 

How Do You Get Into NYU

Application Requirements 

The application requirements to get you into NYU is a high scholarships transcript and GPA, an application form. They may also require SAT and ACT scores as well as recommendation letters, essays and interviews. The application fee is $70.


NYU net price calculator gives one a sense of how and what their financial aid package looks like. Students and their families who wants to apply as full-time freshmen into NYU’s New York campus are people who should use the calculator. For more information about NYU net price calculator visit

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