Is uopeople a real university, this question has been asked by most students who wants to know more about the university or who wish to study with uopeople. This article tells you what you need to know about uopeople. 

Reveiw Of uopeople 

University of the people (uopeople) is a non-profit American accredited online universityonline university that offers free tuition for students. It is an exclusively online university. The university of the people helps high school graduates to overcome any financial need or any constraints that is keeping them from studying. Uopeople provides associate and bachelors degree programs for students in business administration, health science and computer science. They also offer masters degree programs in business administration. 

   University of the people was founded in 2009 and it was accredited in February 2014. Uopeople has more than 36,000 students from 200 countries. University of the people is directed by president Shai Reshef and it is directed by international boards of trustees and advisors. Uopeople has partnership with other universities such as NYU, University of Edinburgh and University of California Berkeley. Uopeople has graduated many people who are employees in companies such as Amazon, IBM, Deloitte, Dell, Microsoft and J P Morgan and also have graduates who also work in the World Bank and UNITED. 

 University of the people also received accreditation eligibility from WASC. Uopeople applied for eligibility to be accredited by WSCUS ( WASC Senior College and University Commission) and WSCUS has reviewed the application and they have determined that the university can proceed with an application for accreditation. 

What’s The Catch With uopeople 

Uopeople offers free tuition to students and only charge $4,000 for processing fees for the entire 4 years in which the program is undergone. As an online university, uopeople reduces the cost of operation for the students, this is a great opportunity for the student to save money. There is also no limit to the number of people uopeople accepts. As an online university, uopeople has advantages because one doesn’t need to stand at the back of the lecture hall to get lessons. 

Uopeople login 

Logging in to uopeople is quite easy and quick. There are few steps needed in order to begin the journey of being a student of uopeople. As an applicant one has to first be connected to a personal Admissions Advisor, the advisor would guide you through all the steps involved in the admission process. In the application, the student will be asked to provide a basic information such as name, address and date of birth, the student will need to provide an education history information such as bachelors degree or a high school degree with the name, location and completion dates, the student will also provide a one time non-refundable application fee. 

How To Find An Admissions Advisor 

Your admissions advisor can be found at the top of the uopeople portal page. The admissions advisor is always ready to help. Feel free to email your admissions advisor at any stage of the application. 

How To Apply

As a student, to start, apply on the uopeople website at You will provide some basic information about which degree you will like to study, the current level of education. You will be redirected to a payment page where you will pay a $60 application fee. 

   Students are advised and required to complete the application themselves. A third party is not authorized to submit applications on behalf of the students or to collect any fees in behalf of uopeople. 

uopeople gpa calculator 

The uopeople average high school GPA is 3.0. A higher GPA is also beneficial. There are other factors that are also considered for prospective students for example cover letters, extracurricular activities, volunteer service etc. 


Is uopeople a real university must have crossed your mind one or two times, this article has explained what uopeople is about as well as how to apply into the university. 

for more information about uopeople, visit their official website

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