How to go to college for freecollege for free is a question in the mind of every student especially considering the high cost of tuition for most colleges. This article will introduce you to many opportunities that can make your desire come true, while most of them are not entirely free, they provide lower cost of attending colleges compared to the high cost of going to college. Some of them are entirely free provided the student put some necessary action in place to achieve this desire.

How Can I Go To College For Free

By applying for scholarships

Applying for scholarships is one of the ways one can go to college for free. The good news is that you don’t have to pay this money back. Most scholarships cover tuition fee and textbooks. To apply for scholarships one has to meet the requirements for each scholarship. These scholarships may vary depending on the organization offering it.

Scholarships however  comes with terms and conditions depending on the scholarship, most scholarships are withdrawn if the student withdraw from the program or isn’t consistent with his academic performance. 


 Grants are financial aid that are given to students for free. Grants are mostly given on the basis of need unlike scholarships which may be given based on need or based on merit. Grants may come from federal government or state government, college or organization. Grants are mostly gotten by submitting a FAFSA form, once it is submitted, the school will notify the student of how much he or she may receive and when.

Grants may be withdrawn from the organization giving it if it is not maintained and this depends on if the student withdrew from the program which the grant is given, if the students enrollment status was changed for example if the student switched from full time to part time enrollment, if the financial need of the student is reduced for example if the student has received an outside scholarship. 

Employer Tuition Assistance 

Employer tuition assistance is another way a student can go to college for free. It is a form of financial aid that employers offer to employees for their education expenses as a way to pay them back. The company may have terms and conditions attached to the aid, such as you may need to work for the company for a particular period or they may need to attend a particular school. 


 Most colleges offer tuition waivers to students who have financial need. Like grants, the best opportunity to receive a schools tuition waiver is to fill out a FAFSA and inquire from the college financial department about the financial aid.

College employment 

Most colleges offer free or discounted tuition fee to employees who are working at the college. Some colleges may extend the offer to the employees children. 

Crowd funding

 Crowd  funding is a way of raising funds online by setting up an online fundraising page for people to donate. You can set up a GoFundMe page or use other fund raising platforms. 

How To Go To College For Almost Free

1. Choosing an affordable school. 

2. Living at home to avoid paying housing tax in a case of scholarships that do not cover for housing fee. 

3. Borrow textbooks from the library instead of buying. 

4. Attending the school your parents attended for schools that offer legacy benefits. 

5. Working with the school by being a teaching resident or resident assistant, this sometimes comes with free or discounted housing. 

6. Attending cheap summer college classes. 


How to go to college for free requires lots of dedication and hard work. It requires a lot of research to search for grants and scholarships that can make this desire possible. Look for which opportunities best suits you and apply early so as to meet up to the deadlines and requirements for scholarships likewise grants. Diversify, if an opportunity doesn’t work for you other opportunities might just click.for more information on how to attend college for free

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