How to escape poverty-it means how to escape a situation whereby there is little or no resources to either families of individuals. Most families usually lack the knowledge to make them break the cycle of poverty, this article would shed more light on things to do to escape poverty. It takes more than getting  money to break through poverty. 

Causes Of Poverty 

Several factors can lead to poverty 


Conflict is one of the causes of poverty conflict could lead to a huge loss of properties, money and assets, when there is war, everything comes to a stand still. 


 When you are unemployed, there is no means if getting an income, most causes of poverty stems from unemployment. 


Climate changes has the capability to create poverty, changes such severe drought, flood, extreme and severe harsh weather conditions can lead to drastic changes in means of getting income and recovering from this state is very difficult. 

Lack of education

Lack of education can cause povertyLack of education can cause poverty, when people lack basic reading skills which could help them get jobs and other skills they need to survive. 


 Gender inequality and marginalization is one of the major causes of poverty because it creates little or no access to sources needed to live a productive life. 

Hunger and Malnutrition

When a person hasn’t eaten, he doesn’t have the strength to do work that could generate income for him. Malnutrition can make them more prone to illnesses which could prevent them from doing work. 

Lack of Infrastructures

Lack of infrastructure such as roads, bridges can cause poverty because people need things like good roads to get to work and traveling long distances in order to get basic infrastructure could cost a lot of money which could contribute to poverty. 

Break The Cycle Of Poverty 

To break the cycle of poverty, there are things you must do that can help you have little or more cash to help you get the resources you need. 


One stands a chance to make more money when he or she gets educated, having the basic educational skills such as reading and writing could land one a good job which can provide income to solve your needs. Most of these educational opportunities do not require lots of money to get as there are lots of scholarship opportunities for people who want to get the necessary education that can alleviate them from poverty. How to escape poverty

Look For A Good Job

Choose jobs that are able to improve your situation and apply for them. Jobs that do not require much spending for things like housing and transportation, avoid jobs that are too stressful for your health. 

Quit Spending on Frivolities

Dont buy everything you come across, focus on buying needs that are important. Too much spending could cause a huge loss of income, make a budget and stick to it. Give up on things that are not so important but are draining the income you are getting. 

Cultivate the habit of saving and Investing

Investing in things that could multiply your income in the long run could be helpful in your quest to escape from poverty, cultivate the habit of saving your little change from any extra money you get. 

5. Eat well and stay healthy : Malnutrition is one of the causes of poverty, it can lead to sickness which could cause huge spending, besides you need all the strength to get to work. 

Pay off Your Outstanding Debts and Resist The Urge To Add More Debts

Set a goal of how many of your outstanding debt you want to clear and commit yourself not to borrow too much. 

Learn A Skill

Having an additional skill which could be added to your daily job can provide little changes or more that can improve your financial life. 


To escape poverty, you have to put a lot of work and practice good working habits such as getting to work on time and observing the rules and regulations attached to the job. 


How to escape povertyHow to escape poverty requires a lot of determination and focus, avoiding bad habits and behaviors that can affect your income will help in keeping more money in your pocket. Be sure and trust wherever you put or invest your money, don’t be afraid to walk away of something doesn’t sit well with you.

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