What are the easiest countries to emigrate to? You may be searching for countries which you want to explore or possibly migrate to due to some reasons such as getting a second country or being forced out of your home country. There are lots of countries with vast cultures as well as beautiful scenery, some of them provide easy cost of livingeasy cost of living and immigration laws which makes migrating to these countries relatively easy.


Migrating into Mexico is easy, Mexico is an amazing country with beautiful scenery, all you need to begin the process of migrating into Mexico is to get an active visa, present your documents to the necessary authorities, these documents may include your birth certificate, marriage documents, education documents, passport and a letter which indicates that you don’t have a criminal record. You can start by getting an FMM visa which only costs $21, however this visa expires after 6 months and you can also renew it as many times as you want. This FMM visa has limits because you cannot work with it, if you wish to work with it, you have to get a temporary visa. 

   Mexico temporary resident visa only applies if you wish to stay for more than 180 days and not longer than 4 years. You can also get a permanent residency in Mexico and this is relatively easy to get. This however does not need yearly renewal. This is one of the easiest countries to emigrate to.


Argentina is a beautiful country with a few population. The standards of living in the country is high, you need to show prove of getting steady income of about $850 to qualify to live in this country. 

To get a permanent residency and/or citizenship in Argentina you need to have lived in Argentina for at least two years and also submit the necessary documents required to the National Immigration Office. These paper works and documents include a birth certificate, prove of residence in former country, identification documents and prove of financial stability and security which includes bank statements and work contracts.


Panama is one of the countries with easy immigration laws on earth, the low cost of living and good climate also makes it an easy country to live in. You can get a visa to stay in Panama for a long term if you have a monthly income of at least $1000. If you want to be a citizen of Panama, you have to live as a resident of this country for 5 years to apply. However, Panama does not accept dual citizenship, if you want to be a citizen of Panama you have to renounce your citizenship in your home country. 


Brazil  is a country with serious diversity and rich culture, it has a lot of beautiful sights and scenery which could make your stay there easy and worthwhile. Brazil is one of the largest country in South America and the people are very hospitable and accommodating to foreigners. You can become a Brazilian citizen easily if you marry a brazilian and have at least a child with the citizen. Aside from marrying a brazilian national you also have to be a top researcher, a scientist with a proof of a fixed monetary income. 

  To obtain a Brazilian citizenship ordinarily, you have to have lived in Brazil for at least 15 years, this could be reduced to 4 years if you have a good paying job and understand Portuguese language. 


This is one of the smallest countries in South America with a few population of people, this country have one of the best healthcare facilities in the whole South America. The citizens of this country are also accommodating and very friendly to foreigners, it is also a country with very low pollution from industries, it is one of the cleanest countries. 

   To obtain residency of this country you need to reside in this country for at least 5 years, you can stay for 3 if you are married. You need to inform the government about your interest to stay in this country in writing, provide a birth certificate which has been legalized by the Uruguayan government, provide a marriage certificate that has been legalized and prove of steady monthly income. this makes it one of the countries to emigrate to.


Eucador is an easy country to live in with a low cost of living. It is a very beautiful country with serene and attractive sights. To immigrate to this country, you need to show a prove of a steady monthly income of $800 and a extra $100 for your dependents. To be a citizen of Eucador, you have to be a resident for at least 3 years, provide a birth certificate from your home country that has been verified by the Ecuadorian government, documents to prove your residency, you also have to pass a eucadorian citizen test interview. 


Finding the easiest countries to emigrate to is not exactly easy, but it may not be as difficult as you think. Get more information about the country you find interesting and make the necessary preparations if you want to live there. 

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