Caltech notable alumni are over 24,000 who are living and 17 who have won Nobel laureates. Caltech Institute has produced leaders in every field you can imagine and many who have won the  Caltech Distinguished Alumni Award. This article will list a few notable altech alumni. 

About Caltech

Caltech is a known science and engineering instituteengineering institute that trained a lot of people, the Institute manages JPL for NASA and send probes to explore planets in our solar system in order to find and make changes in our planet. Caltech is a private institution with their campus located at Pasadena, California. 

Partial List Of Caltech Notable Alumni 


1. Frank Borman

Frank Borman commanded the first team of astronauts to circle the moon. He commanded the 1968 Apollo 8 mission. 

2. C. Gordon Fullerton

Gordon Fullerton plotted the third space shuttle mission and also plotted the first space shuttle mission. 

3. Allen E. Puckett

Is the chairman emeritus of Hughes Aircraft Co. 

4. Carolyn C. Porco

Carolyn C. Porco is the director of Cassini imaging central laboratory for operations and imaging team leader for the Cassini – Huygens mission currently orbiting around saturn. 

5. Harrison Schmitt

Former U. S senator and Apollo 17 astronaut. 

6. Eugene Merle Shoemaker

Shoemaker is the first person buried in the moon by having his ashes crashed into the moon, he co-discovered Comet Shoemker – level 9 a comet which crashed into the planet Jupiter. 

7. Ozires Silivia

Ozires Silvia founded Embraer, a brazilian aerospace conglomerate which produces commercial military, it is an executive aircraft and the world’s 3rd largest commercial aircraft company. 


1. William Colglazier

William Colglazier is the science and technology adviser to Hillary Clinton. He is the fourth leader of the office of adviser of science and technology to the Secretary of State. 

2. France Cordova

France Cordova is the director of the National Science Foundation. 

3. Regina Dugan

She is the first former female director appointed as the director of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agents (DARPA). 

4. Paul Filmer

Paul Filler makes funding decisions for U. S proposals dealing with climate change and evolution. He is the program director at the National Science Foundation. 

5. Steingrimur Hermammsson

Iceland’s former prime minister. 

6. Brian Jackson

Brian Jackson is the senior physical scientist for the homeland security program at the RAND cooperation, his work involves homeland security and counter terrorism policy decision making and research. 


1. Ronald W. Davis

Ronald W. Davis directs the Genome Technology center at Stanford University. 

2. Steven Koonin

He directs  the center of Urban Science and Progress and the New York University. 

3. Raymond L. Orbach

Raymond L. Orbach is the director of Energy Institute at the University of Texas in Austin. 

4. Mark S. Wrighton

Mark is the chancellor of Washington University, St. Lois. 


1. Simon Ramo

Simon Ramo is the co-founder of TRW Inc. 

2. Arnold O. Beckman

He is the chaiman Emeritus and founder of Beckman Instruments. 

3. Charles R. Timble

He is one of the four founders and president of Trimble Navigation. 

4. T. A. Wilson

Is the chairman emeritus of Boeing company. 

5. York Liao

York Liao is the co-founder of Varifronts and one of the manufacturers of L. C. D. 


1. Robert J. Lang

He is the master of origami and has over 500 designs cataloged and diagramed, his woks has been shown in many museums including Paris’s Carousel du louvre. 

2. Frank Capra

Frank Capra is a film director, he directed the films “it happened one night”, “lost horizon” and “it’s a wonderful life”. 

3. Sandra Tsing Loh

Sandra Tsing Logan is a writer and a performer. 

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Caltech is a very competitive school that has a lot of alumni that a very notable, if you want to be enrolled in Caltech, you need to put in some hard work. 

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