Scholarships for white males are usually the least likely to find but you can find them if you know where to look. Looking at it closely, white males are less likely to find scholarship opportunities because most scholarships are usually made available for women or they are based on “financial need” which mainly advantageous for white males from really poor background. This article will give a list of scholarships that are available for white males. 

Universities That Offer Scholarship For White Males

A few scholarship opportunities has been made available for white males and few of them includes:

Winthrop Gold Scholarship

This scholarship is made available to South Carolina high school seniors who plans to attend Winthrop University. The students GPA must be 3.5 or higher, a SAT (CR and M) score of 1300 or higher  or ACT score of 29 or higher and they must enroll full time. 

Lawrence Strafe Boy Scouts Of America Scholarship

 This scholarship provides grants to low income high school seniors who are members of American Boy-scouts, Great Smoky Mountain Council. The applicants must have a GPA average of 2.5 or higher and must plan to enroll in an accredited undergraduate program. 

Hampden – Sydney College Allan Scholarship

This grant is available to U.S high school students that are planning to attend Hampden – Sydney College in Virginia. The student has to be ranked in the top five percent of his graduating high school class and have a SAT score of 1400 or higher. 

Charles F. Mitchell Scholarship Fund

 This grants is made available for male U.S high school  seniors who are entering their fresh man year of college as first time students. Applicants must be residents of Waterbury Connecticut for five years or more and have a GPA of B- or higher. 

Diversity Scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate white students

This is a special program of Alabama State University and Alabama A& M university. The initial GPA requirements of these scholarships were set as low as 2.0 and black students were required to comply with a GPA minimum of 2.7 which sparked threats and legal issues. The university has however raised their GPA requirements for whites. Scholarships are fully-funded or partially funded. 

Mississippi Valley State University

 This University offers undergraduate and graduate diversity scholarships. It offers undergraduates awards of $700 while grad scholarships may cover full tuition. Applicants must be non-black. 

Diversity Scholarships in Alcom State University in Mississippi

This scholarships are given to non-black applicants. The grant covers full as well as partial scholarships and candidates must be have a 3.0GPA to qualify. 

Jackson State University in Mississippi diversity Scholarships

This scholarships are restricted to Caucasian applicants. 

How To Get Scholarships For White Males

Scholarships are gotten by carrying out extensive research about the school you are willing to apply for to know their requirements  for eligibility. Most of the scholarships may require a recommendation letter, interviews or other documents. 


There are very few scholarships for white males only available because few are for both white males and white females but white males are also given the opportunity to study in these schools.  For more information about scholarships for white males. For more information about scholarships for white males.

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